1 million

Women and men

Hot flashes related to menopause affects all women across the globe.  Heat challenges affect other populations like pregnant women, people in chemotherapy and sports athletes, that's why we set our ultimate goal which is to get 1 million women and men to join the Fria Magnificent Million - a community to support "the pause".  We want all women to feel proud and sexy and put a shine on the menopause phase of our lives.


The money raised through our Indiegogo campaign will go toward building a platform to help make women's lives better by educating, empowering and engaging women of all color, race and culture.  For as little as $5, your support will go a long way to move the narrative for menopause in a different direction.  


Your support will also help Fria get a cooling solution prototype developed - a fashionable.


We are asking for your support and join Fria's Magnificent Million and help make this a global theme.



  • Menopause: Reclaiming our time

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