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How it Works!

            Jewelry connects with the body's major cooling zones around the neck and wrists to deliver instant relief from overheating.

Step1: Our jewelry uses water-activated passive cooling tech. It's effective, convenient and safe and no electronics or charging are required. 

Blue Paper Cutouts

Angela Wright,

Editor-in-Chief of

Elle Magazine

Literally, no one know when I'm going through a flash. It's beautiful and inconspicuous

Katherine Simms,

Owner of BREATHE Yoga

I own a yoga studio and I usually excuse myself when I feel a flash coming on. Now.. I don't have to!

Cindy Lu, MD

I've had SIX patients tell me about Fria in the past two months. I now own their leather bracelet and I'm truly blown away.

About Us

With Fria, it's easy to keep your cool.


We started Fria because like you, we were suffering from the miserable symptoms of menopause.


Our mission is simple, but important, it is to help women around the world get relief from hot flashes and to provide a safe space for women to talk about this significant time in their lives.​

 - Sheilisa McNeal, Founder & CEO

2019 Winner

Pitch Competition

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