Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Fria stand for?

Fria, means “cold” in Spanish and we believe it’s a really cool name for really “cool” jewelry.

How does it work?

Fria integrates passive, nano-thermal, cooling technology with beautiful jewelry to combat overheating, fashionably and discreetly. Our tech connects with your key cooling zones, (the wrist and neck) where veins are closest to the surface of your skin. It’s activated with just a small amount of cold water poured into the absorbent layer between the stainless steel mesh. Here’s an easier analogy… when overheating, if you put a cold bottle of water on your neck or wrist, it gives cooling relief. Fria does the same thing through jewelry.

Does it require charging?

Fria requires absolutely no charging or electricity. Just cold water. It’s passive which means no electronics. It’s safer for you, no exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) and no negative impact on the environment.

Does this cooling tech require FDA approval?

No! There is nothing in our tech that can alter your biology in any way. We wanted to create a safe and simple way to address a perpetual problem. As long as there are women, there will be hot flashes!! We’re just trying to help you manage the misery.

Is it expensive?

The Fria team is committed to making affordable options so we are offering low, mid and BLING bracelet options designed with our jewelry partner Swarovski™ that we expect to range from $99-$199. You can choose what works best for your fashion accessory preferences.

Where can I find more information about Fria?

Check out our webpage to learn more about the jewelry, our team and social movement. We know overheating is a universal problem that affects many, so anyone can wear it, but menopausal women are really suffering (we know this firsthand!!) and want relief. Fria is a beautiful way to help them (us) beat the heat!

Got a "hot" story to tell? Please join us by sharing your “hot” stories via video (we’ll post them!), tell us how you’re coping with this inevitable life-stage and how we can do more to help you “Keep your cool!”


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