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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What is Fria?

 Fria, (means "cold" in Spanish) is a lifestyle brand targeted to women suffering from the misery of hot flashes and the challenges of menopause. 


2. How did you come up with the idea for Fria?

I literally woke up one September morning five years ago with the idea of “cooling jewels.” I wasn’t sure what it would turn into, but I knew I had to pursue it. I was just entering peri-menopause, experiencing its myriad of symptoms and realized I was absolutely clueless on what to expect and how to deal with it. Then, I started having conversations with other women and found out they were in the same boat - little knowledge and few options for addressing the discomfort. So, since necessity is the mother of invention, Fria was born!


3. What exactly is passive “nano-thermal” cooling? Why did you choose this technology?

The scientific term for this technology is “evaporative cooling.” It’s actually a well established phenomenon that’s been in existence for over 40 yrs. Ordinarily, it’s used to cool things like wind tunnels and other industrial purposes. However, due to its versatility and ease of use, we decided to use it to cool people. 


Working with PhD engineers from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne researching heat thermal transfer and nano technologies, we identified a way to combine eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic materials that put a cold surface in contact with a cooling zone (areas on the body where veins are closest to the surface of your skin) that would cool your blood as it circulates. The easiest analogy is putting a cold bottle of water on your neck or wrist when overheating. As the blood passes by the tech interface on the wrist, it cools down and the body feels instant relief. That’s how Fria works! 


4. Does it work?

Absolutely, and without any electronics whatsoever. All it needs to activate is cold water. A good way to see if it works for you is to put a cold bottle on your neck or wrist when flashing or overheating in general. Most people will feel cooler almost immediately. It’s really simple, even though it sounds complicated. And simple things still work.


5. How long does the cooling last?

The duration of cooling depends on the frequency of your flashes. Wearers have told us their cooling relief lasts a few minutes, up to half an hour. However, if you need relief again, just add more cold water to re-activate as often as needed. 


6. What differentiates Fria from similar products on the market?

What sets us apart is our 3-pronged, holistic approach to this pain point. We're not solely focused on product development. There’s a lot more to consider. We also address the numerous challenges that come with transitioning to mid-life that can adversely affect a woman's quality of life, especially if she doesn’t know what to expect or how to manage the experience. For many women in the U.S., menopause is associated with aging. And unfortunately, we’re an anti-aging, focused society - so few women are willing to admit they’re in the stage or that they’re experiencing symptoms. Therefore, our approach includes the following:  


#1. Product - Cooling jewelry designed to relieve the misery of hot flashes in a way that honors us. We call it a “pretty way to beat the heat with no adverse side effects.


#2  Community - We’re also building a supportive community and safe space to discuss all things related to midlife, not just menopause. Our online show entitled "The Pause - Reclaiming Our Time" covers relevant issues like health, business/career, relationships and sexuality. Areas we found are most impacted by this transition. 


#3 Education - And finally, we are committed to educating women of all ages about this inevitable, biological experience. We believe that by providing reliable information to answer the many questions posed, and offering resources and tips women can use to navigate through the challenges, she can make informed decisions that work best for her - leading to a better overall quality of life.


7. Anything else you want women to know about your product or platform?

Yes. It’s important to note that the problem with most wearable devices is abandonment from non-use. However, you can’t get the benefits if you don’t wear it. Fria jewelry is designed to integrate seamlessly with your individual fashion sense, so it can easily be worn as an everyday accessory. It looks like any other piece of jewelry and doesn’t announce to the world that you’re suffering from your own personal inferno. Actually, you can wear it whether you’re flashing or not! It’s gorgeous, versatile and functional to help you keep your cool anytime and anywhere.  

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