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"I am absolutely enamored with my Fria bracelet. 

I own the lovely Swarovski model.

Menopause is not something that is normalized the way it should be.  Yes, we are dynamic, amazing, smart and we show up and show out. But when your body is on fire in a 65 degree room, it’s difficult to show up as our best selves.  I’m not the type to carry a USB fan attached to my cell phone around with me and there is only so much you can take off when that flash hits, so this technology is perfect.  Not only for the functionality, but also for the level of control it gives us in a situation where we have none. Who told my eggs to start burning up right now?!!!

(See? If we normalized the menopause discussion,
you would know exactly what I was talking about!)

But I digress.  Back to the purpose of this endeavor.  When I saw the bracelet, I thought it was beautiful – well I DO like shiny things!  I didn’t know it had an actual function.  When Sheilisa showed me how to put just a little cold water on it, and I saw the back of it get frosty, I was like a kid at a magician show.  It got cold immediately. And then when I put it on my wrist and felt the immediate cooling effect, I was sold! Since I have veins on the top of my wrist, I didn’t even need to switch it around. 
The information says the cooling effect lasted
about an hour, but mine lasted a bit longer than that.

 So much to say about this jewelry:

First, it’s absolutely beautiful.  Weighty on the arm and the bling!  I’m wearing it as jewelry, NOT as a device. But I know when I need it, it’s there for me.  I have received so many compliments and I keep saying, “Just go to  Trust me, just go”.

Second, it works. The technology is there and from a validity perspective, it does what it says that it’s going to do. 
Fria has exceeded my expectations.

Third, fourth and fifth…..I could go on,
but I’m sure you’re hearing this over and over again.

Fria allows ME to continue to be the captain in my journey. I control my narrative and show up in all my splendor.    I can command a room, no problem. And now I command it with an alluring, feminine and delightful piece of jewelry on my arm.

The level of pleasure I am receiving from this
bracelet on a scale of 1-10 is definitely a 10!

Let me know when the necklaces come out!!!"

-Natasha A.


"I LOVE both my Fria bracelets and can easily find cold water to power them into action when I need their cooling properties!  Wish I had found them earlier"

-Anna B.

"...I have had hot flashes from head to toe for quite some time now and it’s not an easy thing to deal with.   But this bracelet from”FRIA” works a great deal.  Before I feel a hot flash coming on, I put cold water inside and it really cools me off. It brings my body temp down.  Had to try it several times to make sure it worked and it does!  Try it!  Thank you Sheilisa McNeal"

-Yolonda C. 

"I absolutely love this bracelet.  It is so beautiful and makes

me feel sexy. Thank you"

- Martha B.

"Your beautiful bracelet arrived today and I’ve been wearing it all day. LOVING it so far!"

- Sarah W.

“This is soooooo good! I love it!”

- Rosa B.

"Bought as birthday gifts for my lady and her twin sister. They both loved them. Thanks for the great gift idea."

- Dwayne S..

"OMG I needed this!"

- Holly R.

"I’m going to rock it, just cuz it’s so cute!"

- Cely C.

"YMy sister loves her Fria bracelet! The relief is just what she needed."

- Linease B.



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