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"I LOVE both my Fria bracelets and can easily find cold water to power them into action when I need their cooling properties!  Wish I had found them earlier"

-Anna B.

"...I have had hot flashes from head to toe for quite some time now and it’s not an easy thing to deal with.   But this bracelet from”FRIA” works a great deal.  Before I feel a hot flash coming on, I put cold water inside and it really cools me off. It brings my body temp down.  Had to try it several times to make sure it worked and it does!  Try it!  Thank you Sheilisa McNeal"

-Yolonda C. 

"I absolutely love this bracelet.  It is so beautiful and makes

me feel sexy. Thank you"

- Martha B.

"Your beautiful bracelet arrived today and I’ve been wearing it all day. LOVING it so far!"

- Sarah W.