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Changing the Conversation:
Aging is HOT

I'm so excited to be on Sarah Walton's podcast!

What did your mom tell you about menopause? No, really, let’s talk about that.

My mom never said a word. And that is not the norm. She told me about every little detail of my female body and how things work and why they work that way.

But menopause? Nothing. As far as I know, she never went through it. LOL

Chances are you have a similar story — meaning you have no idea what menopause was like for your own mother because she didn’t talk about it.

If we look at all the gorgeous celebrities we love to follow, many of whom are hitting that beautiful age of 50, it’s as if none of them are going through the dreaded “M” word.

But if we look at the stats? That’s not the truth of the situation.

Every year, 1.3 million women in the US enter menopause. That’s a huge number! And that means there are 1.3 million women entering a world that very few people want to talk about … and one that most people pretend doesn’t exist....