Using your Fria Bracelet

Fria's cooling bracelet uses passive cooling technology and is nonelectric. It's intended to provide external cooling in a way that mirrors the sensation of placing a cold water bottle on your wrists. See below for instructions on how to get the optimal experience with your bracelet.

Disclaimer: Fria is not a medical device and makes no medical claims. Fria jewelry not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Fria does not have FDA approval. Our products should not replace the expert advice of a medical professional.


Step 1

Use cold water from a bottle or other water source (the colder the better!), grab the plastic dropper provided in the bracelet's packaging and squeeze a few drops of water into the dropper. 

Step 2

Turn the bracelet to its back side, and drop several drops of water onto the absorbent mesh (the mesh screen). Wait a few seconds for the water to disappear into the screen. 

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2021-01-26 20_49_23.021-0500.jpg

Step 3

Flip the bracelet over so the back of the bracelet and the screen, is touching your wrist. Fasten your bracelet.

Step 4

Enjoy cooling relief, in style. Once cooling sensation has disappeared, turn bracelet over and continue to wear normally. Repeat as necessary.