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Using Your Fria Bracelet

Fria’s beauty lies in the simplicity of its design. Our bracelet helps you feel fabulous while keeping you cool. 

Using passive cooling technology, Fria can decrease the intensity of hot flashes by cooling down  your blood as it passes by your cooling zone. That area of your body where veins are closest to the surface of your skin. 

How to Use It


DSC_0416_JPG step 1.jpg

Using cold water
(the colder, the better) 


Fria bracelet 2.jpg

Turn the Fria bracelet over and slowly add several drops of water to the absorbent mesh screen. Wait a few seconds for the water to disappear. 


Fria cooling bracelet.jpg

Fasten your bracelet comfortably on the underside of your wrist. Make sure the mesh screen is touching and the
cooling benefits will begin. 


Fria cooling bracelet 4.jpg

Now you’re enjoying cooling relief in style. Once the cooling sensation has disappeared, repeat this process or simply turn Fria around on your wrist to show off your pretty bracelet. The average cooling time varies. Duration depends on the frequency and severity of hot flashes. Fria can be activated with cool water as many times as necessary.

Disclaimer:  Fria is not a medical device and makes no medical claims. Fria jewelry is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Our products should not be used in place for expert advice or medical treatment.
Fria is not FDA-approved.

"I LOVE both my Fria bracelets and can easily find cold water to power them into action when I need their cooling properties!  Wish I had found them earlier" 

—Anna B.

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