We want women to feel proud, sexy and confident during menopause.


For women all over the world, Fria is leading the charge to change the narrative and turn the stigma of this important life stage on it's head!


That’s why Fria launched The Pause, Reclaiming Our Time, a digital series created to improve the quality of our lives by educating, inspiring and engaging women of all backgrounds and cultures in the conversation on all things related to "The Change."


Stay connected for each episode, tune in, then chime in because we want to hear from you.


We are magnificent and it's our turn to breathe, take a Pause and Reclaim our Time!

The Pause - Show Credits


Produced by Fria, LLC 

Executive Producer - Rita Thompson, Former Producer of The Oprah Show

Executive Producer/Editor - Suzette Cabildo, Partner/Fria and Co-Executive Producer/Queen Boss


  • Menopause: Reclaiming our time

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